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junru_love's Journal

Junno x Maru: Dorkiness = Love
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Welcome, one and all, to junru_love! This site is for the Junno and Maru fans. This is one of the harder pairings to find. They need attention, too. So, here it is!


Fanarts, Fanfictions, etc. are welcome.
This is a JunRu site, so please no other pairings, mention of them is fine, but the main focus is JunRu.
Please be nice to other people when commenting, unless asked for criticism.
If you use Japanese words please translate it on the bottom, so everybody can understand what is being said.

If you like to contacted me, you can reach me at either one of this:

MSN: mistybluepersuasion@hotmail.com


AOL: CarShrimpJunior1

Community helped made by jrock_til_death

Also, please visit my sister site run by jrock_til_death, kameda_love, community for lovers of Kame and Ueda. ^^

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